About Hunarmund

Hunarmund took off in October, 2016 with an e-commerce marketplace promoting the artisans and their handmade products with the goal to preserve the art and cultural of Pakistan. Over the years, we stepped into a new business segment and now we have recently launched the services section to support homebased workers and part-time workers who wish to use their skill set to earn an income – enabling them to turn their wishes into reality.

Hunarmund Team

We are a group of professionals with digital expertise and a total experience in the digital industry of more than 18 years. Our digital advertisement team holds immense knowledge in maximizing e-Commerce ROI using digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google for Business, AdSense. In addition to this we work with SEO experts and Software Developers to seamlessly integrate social media platforms with Hunarmund’s e-Commerce Marketplace and manage Google Analytics to meet business KPIs.

Hunarmund Backers

To be able to further improve and scale-up the sales and revenue of Hunarmund Sellers including Artisans and Skilled workers, we have developed different categories of funding strategies that can enable Hunarmund Sellers to connect with greater number of potential customers and scale-up their small businesses to produce more products. We ensure to make use of all funds transparent to the backers (individuals, group of people, organizations who provide the funds).

Types of Fund Backing

To pledge for an online advertisement plan

How to pledge for an online advertisement plan

To promote an existing product on Hunarmund:

All you have to do is select from the chosen products you would like to support and increase production of and have it promoted. We will apply and allocate the online advertisement budget for the selected product.

Selected products for online advertisement

How does the advertising backing work?

We have four different types of ad set models that you can contribute for and Hunarmund’s Digital Team will design and develop the Ad strategy and implement the ad plan for online ad promotion for products.

To pledge for developing a workshop

To increase the working capacity of a Hunarmund Seller: Hunarmund has a total of 43 Vendors (Hunarmund Data, September 2019) and Artisans. You can pledge to back up an Artisan in the following ways:Backing for production material Fabric, dye, thread. Backing for production facility – sewing machine, block print tables, dye production drums.
To set up a craft workshop:

How to Pledge for developing a workshop?

To increase the ‘Working Capacity’ of a Hunarmund SellerHunarmund will shortlist and select a seller looking to increase their working capacity

For example, one of our block printers in Nara, Khairpur is selected and the following can be the breakdown of your pledge:

Backing for production material and production facility

Portfolio Investment

If you are interested and prepared to invest by contributing a higher stake in the business with the aim to have a Return on Investment plan. Then you can choose from the 2 Investment plans Hunarmund is looking for and upon requesting, our team will furnish a proposal and detailed plan laid down depending upon the portfolio size.

For better understanding, Hunarmund team has laid down the road map designed for both Angel investment as well as Series A investment. All you have to do is fill out a request form and our team will connect with you within 2 business days.