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We are determined to provide you with quality work produced by our hardworking skilled artisans of Pakistan. From the deep roots of rural areas of Pakistan. The handwork is not only produced through various different processes but is also a result of intense hard work and sophisticated technical craft work enriched with the true essence of art, culture and heritage of Pakistan.

Natural Dye Unstitched Fabric


Natural Dye Suits

Natural Dye suits are prepared using natural colors extracted from various species of herbs,  that are free from chemicals and the apparel is noncarcinogenic and harmless to your skin. The artisans go through a complex and detailed procedure of making and preparing natural dyed suits. Their time and effort combined with design and hand block print techniques using a variety of color range to be able to bring to your the best quality unstitched fabric.

Block Print

Run off

Block print run off is a technique used to block print on a range of plain colored fabric. This consists of a wider range of colored dyes that can be imprinted on fabric and the process is less complex as compared to natural dye block printing. Hunarmund has a variety of block print run off products such as placemats, table runners and apparel outfits.

Blue Pottery

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Our Commitment

Quality Products

Hunarmund team ensure that the products are passed through quality check in order to ensure that they maintain standardization across all product lines.

Domestic & International Delivery

Hunarmund is partnered with various different logistics companies to be able to deliver your product to your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan or across borders.

Customer Service

10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Weekdays) | 10:00 am – 1:00 pm Saturdays | Off on Sundays
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