Pledge to support an
Artisan's Family.

Artisan: Shaharbano
Family Members: 8
Guardian Occupation: Fisherman
Location: Manchar, Sindh

Account Title: Shaharbano
Account Number/IBAN: PK31 HABB 0013 8879 0036 3303
Bank: HBL
Branch: Bhan Saeedabad

Required: Rs. 12,000 Monthly
Purpose: To manage monthly food requirements during lock down period.

Posted on 3rd of April, 2020.


Please don’t forget to send us your receipt of deposit/transfer to [email protected]. All you have to do is simply send a pic of the receipt or a screenshot of the deposit slip/transaction as an attachment to the mentioned email address with subject line ‘PLEDGE’.

If you wish to pledge for a routine and regular contribution to support the family of the particular artisan then feel free to mention in the same email address. Our correspondent will connect with you to confirm. For any inquiries you can write to us or simply call us at +92 3418652669.

Note: The name and information of the contributor will be kept confidential. The purpose of the receipt is simply to be able to track the total amount of contribution in order to meet the minimum requirement as any surplus amount can then be contributed for another artisan’s Family.


For transparency, we will be keeping track of the amount being pledged by contributors and also ensuring that the requirement amount does not surpass to meet basic essentials for household groceries.

Any additional contributors can choose to pledge for another artisan’s family. Hunarmund team will keep the information updated here on the website. Incase of multiple amount being deposited on the same day. Hunarmund will ensure that the excess amount be distributed to other families living within the same community living in the same village as the Artisan.