Yet another amazing event organized by Crafter’s Guild, the Craft Exhibition on the 1st of December, 2019 at Royal Rodale in Karachi. The Guild works to bring together the crafting community, striving towards awareness campaigns, educating people about various crafts and networking crafters for prospects and opportunities. With success of the Ultimate Crafter’s Workshops in March 2012, followed by an ongoing rise in the demand for crafting supplies, craft awareness in general, The Guild is a project by Firefly and puts forward ‘The Crafter’s Expo’… the first platform for all artisans, crafters, hobbyists, fans and supporters to come together on one platform, to share what they are most passionate about, craft!

In December, 2019, Hunarmund and Crafter’s Guild joined hands to transform the way people market their products, the artisan’s will now be able to register on Hunarmund as a vendor and will be able to showcase and sell their products through digital platforms of Hunarmund which includes social media and website, which is the e-commerce portal. The common interest of both Crafter’s Guild and Hunarmund is to be able to market the craft products of the communities to the local and international consumer markets and help abridge the sellers with the consumers, and help in income generation and awareness about the Art and Crafts of Pakistan.

Crafter’s Guild has put in tremendous effort over the years in educating the artisans about how the products need to be marketed, packaged and sold through exhibitions and customer service. Hunarmund is an added ingredient which will further consolidate the sellers into one e-market place using digital technology.

Hunarmund plays a pivoting role in transforming technology and educating the crafters about how they can increase the probability of sales if they are visible in e-shops on the internet. As the growing number of users on smart phones and users of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google, it is imperative that the products and services be also available online for additional leverage and presence in the digital framework of Pakistan. The user experience and consumer behavior on digital platforms brings more convenience for both the customers and sellers, they get to compare products, can offer sales promotions, easy and automated customer service, Cash On Delivery to all parts of Pakistan and across borders. The founders of Hunarmund come from business schools, where marketing and advertising plays an important role, therefore Hunarmund also focuses on helping in enhancing the quality of products, introducing contemporary art and better customer and seller experience.

Hunarmund is an e-commerce marketplace where home-based entrepreneurs, artisans and other such aspiring people can register as sellers, start promoting and selling their products to the local and international market. 

Hunarmund has been functioning since 2016 and, is enabling small entrepreneurs to find an easy access to an online market, and in the process, also learn basic requirements to successfuly start selling online.

In the coming months, The Crafter’s Guild hopes to carry these shows to other cities, connecting with creatives and echoing #HappinessIsHandmade.


Founded in 2010 as one of Pakistan’s first bespoke gifts and greetings brands, Firefly is a powerhouse of quirky, vibrant and creative products inspired by life’s most auspicious moments. From cute stationery, to novel textiles, from pretty albums, to funky wall art… it plays well on the tag line: The forecast is whimsical with a chance of rainbows!

It originally roots from a physical journal housing the writings, musings, and magical moments of Varah Musavvir, The Firefly Girl. Varah holds a background in design, and currently serves as Creative Director if not Crafting Queen. She spends an immense amount of time in her studio, The Willow with her team, creating, innovating, and dreaming. Varah is also engaged in several outreach programs, and works toward varying causes to uplift and build a better society.

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