Organizational Culture

  1. Learning: You cannot grow if you do not have the willingness or craving to learn. We encourage our team to constantly learn a new skill or develop knowledge that can be applied in business as well as individual growth.
  2. Integrity: If people can trust you, that means you are reliable. Being able to rely on any individual develops confidence and allows others to keep their focus strong and aim higher, because if a team member is unable to rely on another member, then that will only stop you from expanding your ability to achieve collective goals.
  3. Experience: As long as you are doing something, you are constantly exposed to experience. Whether you apply a new piece of knowledge or skill you have learned, or you are making mistakes while trying to achieve a goal, you are constantly adding to your experience. Hunarmund has put in 7 years in the handicraft industry, and the experiences we have had allows us to make improvements, which is an integral part of growth.
  4. Innovation: Just believing in new ideas or having an imagination is not enough. You cannot innovate unless you don’t try a new idea or implement a new way of doing business. You have to break the barriers of fear and understand that making a mistake allows you to make improvements that eventually leads you to stand out.
  5. Teamwork: You can have the ability to take up a variety of different roles, but you cannot acheive your goals effectively until you promote working in teams and groups. Working collectively allows you to delegate tasks and also indicates that you are open to different approaches and techniques that others may have to offer. Teamwork does not depend on the total number of years you have put in, but what value you can add to help acheive a goal or objective. Whether you succeed or fail to acheive a desired result, you tend to develop a synergy in teams that is most needed for both individual and business growth.

Business Culture‚Äč

  1. Specialization: Handicraft industry requires alot of time and effort to produce a perfect product. This applies to mostly any industry that produces a final product. If we don’t specialize, you are least likely to compete in any market. Another significance is the ability to reproduce a desired product in large quantities to serve and fulfill market demand.
  2. Customer experience: We beleive in providing the best customer experience to our product consumers. From a user browsing through our ecommerce website, to fans commenting and engaging with our content on social media pages and to fullfilling orders, is all part of a customer experience, and that needs to be at its best.How you treat a customer reflects on how you want others to treat you.
  3. Tradition & Customs: Hunarmund art and handicraft products depicts the culture and tradition of Pakistan, therefore we value traditions across Pakistan as well as other countries in the world. Preserving the tradition and customs adds tangible value on products of the artisans produce.
  4. Norms & Social Values: We respect and believe in diversity where everyone belongs to a different social group and this can also help teach us about others cultural norms and how they have learned to cope with challenges in life.
  5. Contemporary Art: Considering the reach of internet to millions of people living in both urban and rural areas, the human race is evolving over time, by developing awareness about what type of art is created by other people belonging to different social groups and nationalities.

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