Vendor Policy

Registration Process

Hunarmund offers its vendors and suppliers an opportunity to create a seller’s account for free. They are requested to fill the form and register through the following link:


Incase if any vendor or supplier has an inquiry or request to make. They can simply send us an email at [email protected] with the Subject Line: ‘Your Vendor ID’ or ‘Name’.
Incase if there are any complaints pertinent to payments, supply, customer, or any other kind of assistance required in terms of using the dashboard. You may simply write an email to [email protected] with the subject line: ‘Your Vendor ID or ‘Name’.

Vendor Pricing

Hunarmund uses a pricing model that applies to determine retail prices for all suppliers and vendors. The following is the retail pricing formula:
Vendor price + 13% Sales Tax = Retail Price on Hunarmund.
Hunarmund is a private registered firm, enlisted at Federal Board of Revenue as well as Sindh Revenue Board of Pakistan, therefore all sales taxes are applied by law to any sales being incurred through the platform of Hunarmund.
SRB: 8981596
NTN: 8981596

Hunarmund Partner Program

Hunarmund works closely with a network of its trusted vendors who have been registered with Hunarmund for more than a year and have had a positive feedback from the customers about the products quality, design and delivery turnaround time.

How do you qualify to become a Hunarmund Partner?

Criteria to qualify to become a Hunarmund Partner:

  1. You have been working with Hunarmund for atleast 1 year/ 12 months.
  2. You have been fulfilling orders on time without any complaints from the customer regarding delays in orders.
  3. Your product quality is meeting market demand.
  4. There are no complaints from any of our customers regarding your products.
  5. Addressing customer complaints.
  6. You have a sales volume of at least Rs. 10,000 in 12 months.
  7. Product photography.
  8. Quality of content for product description and details.

Vendor Payment

1. Cash on Delivery

Once the product is delivered and received by the customer, it takes approximately 15-21 days for the delivery service provider to clear out Cash On Delivery (COD) payments for Hunarmund. And it will take another 2-3 business days for Hunarmund to transfer the amount to its vendors and suppliers.

2. Credit Card payments or Online transactions

In case of an online transaction in which the customer has selected to pay by credit card, Hunarmund will receive payments within 5 business days of the transaction, therefore a vendor/supplier can expect a payment within 10 business days after delivery has been made to the customer.


Hunarmund shall provide all of its vendors/sellers packaging for products that are delivered from Hunarmund base location to the customer, however no packaging or delivery service is covered for products to be delivered to Hunarmund base location from the seller’s location.
Packaging can be in a form of a box, plastic wrapper, environment friendly bags, ribbons, and bubble wraps. This also includes tapes, print outs and labels for address panel.

Hunarmund shall manage all packaging expenses incurred from Hunarmund base location to the customer’s address.


Hunarmund is there to provide its sellers with the best and most secure solutions, enabling them to sell. There are some unforeseen events that need to be taken in to account for, such as;

Hunarmund is not responsible for making a refund to the seller/vendor in case the buyer does not pay for the product for any reason.

The reason of non payment can be due to damaged products or the buyer requests for an exchange.

Hunarmund will not be responsible for any damaged products and expects the vendor/seller to replace the damaged product with a new one for the customer.


Refund: The amount of total value a customer has paid to purchase a product but has requested for a refund in which case, a total amount of the same shall be returned.
Exchange: When the customer requests to exchange a product for a different product.

Damaged products: This entails that the product received by the customer was found to be damaged and an evidence is provided by the customer in a form of a picture of the claimed damage.

Vendor/seller: The word vendor and seller has been used interchangeably and it does not change the meaning in any context.