Registration Process

Hunarmund offers its vendors and suppliers an opportunity to create a seller’s account for free. They are requested to fill the form and register through the following link:


Following are the requirements for a qualified vendor/seller:

  1. Submit a xerox/photocopy of your CNIC
  2. Physical address and contact details such as full name, email, phone number.
  3. Product pictures in square dimensions (Example 600px x 600px)
  4. Bank Account details (Account title, account number, bank name, branch location)
  5. Easypaisa or Mobicash/Jazzcash Accounts are also acceptable.

Product pictures criteria:

  1. Preferably must have a white background.
  2. Product pictures must be focused on the selling product only, that means there shouldn’t be any other products in the picture besides the one you want to enlist.
  3. Must have at least 3 pictures of each product. A side view, aerial view and a 45 degrees angle. One of the 3 pictures is also acceptable; however, customers would prefer to have a look at the product from different angles because it gives them a better visualization of your product.
  4. If you are using your mobile phone to take pictures then please ensure to take pictures for widescreen, in other words you should be holding your phone Horizontally instead of vertically.
  5. Picture quality should be good, which means that the intensity of light should be taken care of. You can either do photography using additional lights, or you can simply take pictures outdoor during day light which gives best results.
  6. Pictures should not be blurry.

The better quality of pictures you use, it will help influence consumers chance to purchase.

Vendor Payment

  1. Cash on Delivery

Once the product is delivered and received by the customer, it takes approximately 15-21 days for the delivery service provider to clear out Cash on Delivery (COD) payments for Hunarmund. And it will take another 2-3 business days for Hunarmund to transfer the amount to its vendors and suppliers.

  1. Credit Card payments or Online transactions

In case of an online transaction in which the customer has selected to pay by credit card, Hunarmund will receive payments within 5 business days of the transaction, therefore a vendor/supplier can expect a payment within 10 business days after delivery has been made to the customer.


Hunarmund shall provide all of its vendors/sellers packaging for products that are delivered from Hunarmund base location to the customer, however no packaging or delivery service is covered for products to be delivered to Hunarmund base location from the seller’s location.

Product packaging shall be done appropriately. Which means that product should be properly wrapped with bubble wrap, and shredded paper or thermacol should be used to cover the inside space of the box. The box used should be in good condition. An appropriate packaging will ensure that the product is safely delivered to the customer.


Hunarmund is there to provide its sellers with the best and most secure solutions, enabling them to sell. There are some unforeseen events that need to be taken in to account for, such as;

Hunarmund is not responsible for making a refund to the seller/vendor in case the buyer does not pay for the product for any reason.

The reason of nonpayment can be due to damaged products or the buyer has requested for an exchange, in which case the product will have to be exchanged and a payment can be settled only after a replacement is fulfilled.

Hunarmund will not be responsible for any damaged products and expects the vendor/seller to replace the damaged product with a new one for the customer.


Incase if there are any complaints pertinent to payments, supply, customer, or any other kind of assistance required in terms of using the dashboard. You may simply write an email to with the subject line: ‘Your Vendor ID or ‘Name’.


A claim can be filed by the vendor/seller by submitting a request via email at with a subject line mentioning the Order Number or Product number and Claim mentioned in brackets.

Hunarmund team will inquire and investigate the reason of damage to the vendor’s product. Hunarmund holds the right to decide whether a claim shall be approved or disapproved.

Incase of disapproval, Hunarmund team shall inform the vendor/seller the reason of why a claim will not be settled, however if it is evident that product was not received damaged, then Hunarmund shall provide a refund or claim settlement for the vendor.

The amount of the claim can be a full value of the product, or partial.

Stock keeping

Products shall be delivered to Hunarmund’s base location. The products will be checked and inspected for quality assurance. Incase of any product found damaged, the vendor/seller will be informed. Hunarmund shall not be responsible for the delivery charges of the products to the base location.

Benefits of stock keeping at Hunarmund’s warehouse:

  1. Save warehouse costs.
  2. Save delivery charges by delivering products in large quantity altogether to the base location rather than delivering a single product each time an order is received.
  3. Customer’s prefer to receive products within 2 -3 business days from the date of placing an order. If a vendor delivers a product only on the bases of order placement, then that would add or extend the overall delivery time to the customer, therefore stock keeping is preferrable.
  4. Hunarmund promotes products that are in stock and gives priority to stocked products.


Refund: The amount of total value a customer has paid to purchase a product but has requested for a refund in which case, a total amount of the same shall be returned.

Exchange: When the customer requests to exchange a product in case of any damages found or a different variation of the same product that was ordered. Example, a request can be a change in color of the same product, but not a different product.

Damaged products: This entails that the product received by the customer was found to be damaged and evidence is expected by the customer in a form of a picture of the claimed damage.

Vendor/seller: The word vendor and seller has been used interchangeably and it does not change the meaning in any context.

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