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We support small farmers who are growing Indigofera plants in the rural areas of Sindh, Pakistan. These rural areas include the district of Thatta, Khairpur, Manchar and Sanghar. Indigofera is a large kind of over 750 species of flowering plants belonging to the pea family Fabaceae. They are widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Indigo farmers have been trained and developed for making indigo dye from processing the leaves of Indigo plant. We are enabling them to package and sell their dye and connecting them to potential buyers. Moreover, the farmers’ community members are also being developed to create a value chain for Indigo and indigo dye. This is being done by enabling the women of those communities to do natural dye block printing and making finished, marketable products. They are then connected to end buyers to ensure their products are getting the exposure required to make sales and create income generation.

Pollution & Resources

We introduce waste management and reuse of wasted material amongst our stakeholders including artisans and small business owners in rural areas and slums of Pakistan. During the development projects we ensure to provide access to various waste bins and train the audience to dispose certain type of material in each of the waste bins. For example, if there is wasted fabric or raw materials, then it needs to be disposed in a different waste bin and if it’s plastic or wrappers then it needs to be disposed in a different waste bin. They are then explained the need to do that to ensure wasted material could be further reused.

Water Security

While developing craft centres in rural areas of Sindh, we ensured that the artisans being trained for Indigo block printing were aware of how they need to drain out the wasted indigo dye so that the lake water around them does not become toxic. This is important for them to learn because in the nearby areas, fisher folks have established their fish farms and are actively functioning there to grow their fish business and generate income for sustainability. Hunarmund creates awareness about how drinking and domestic water can be conserved by taking easy to implement measures.


Customer Responsibility

At Hunarmund, we ensure efficient, personalized customer service to ensure maximum satisfaction at the customer’s end. At the time of receiving a potential order from the customer we make sure to find out all the production details from the customer and effectively communicate that to the relevant manufacturers who are working closely with us. Once the manufacturer accepts the order and communicates the production time, we ensure to inform the customer and keep him/her in the loop throughout the process so they know at what stage of production their order has reached, if necessary.

We have standards to accept returns on certain basis as mentioned in our terms and conditions section https://www.hunarmund.com/conditionsofuse/ and we expect our customers to read this before making a purchase with us.

We promise standard quality products and services to all our customers and we are available to hear and resolve your valid concerns to ensure satisfaction. We try our best to provide all relevant information about the products and services we sell through our platform. We don’t support any businesses that provide low quality product/service or provide false information regarding their product/service.

Health and Safety

We hold high standards of health and safety amongst the artisans and entrepreneurs we work with. We promote the use of gloves when working with color dyes (natural/synthetic), we also provide access to gloves to workers. We promote the use of First Aid at work to ensure quick access to medicines and others necessary medication used as First Aid and we provide knowledge of that to the artisans. We promote the use of Fire Extinguishers in any process that requires to work with electricity or fire. The artisans we work with are also trained to use Fire Extinguishers for emergency use. We make sure if we are gathering artisans or workers in any physical location, they know about the closest hospital, police station and hospital/clinic.

Human Rights and Community

We strongly adhere to ensuring that our stakeholders and organizational staff abides by the ethical principles of Human Rights and follows best practices. We encourage all Hunarmund stakeholders to ensure that they do not violate human rights. It is the fundamental right of every human being to have the freedom to function as a business entity or to be able to earn an honest earning without harming any other stakeholder or member of the society or community. For example, we ensure that funds of investors are allocated, invested and monitored with transparency in order to ensure they are rightfully spent in the desired segment. Hunarmund’s processs of monitoring and evaluation helps to ensure that the purpose and objectives help meet the goals of budget allocation of investors or funds of donor organizations.

The community at large is composed of customers, vendors, suppliers, artisans, local and international businesses and Hunarmund ensures that every stakeholder is benefited within their capacity from the operations and business functions of Hunarmund.

For any losses or claims, Hunarmund has a common email address which can be used for any kind of inquiry, claims or losses anyone has experienced through any transaction or trade between Hunarmund and them. You can always reach out to us via: info@hunarmund.com

Labor Standards

While selecting the artisans, home-based business owners and small businesses, we ensure they work while keeping the essential labor rights intact which includes no slavery or child labor, provides equal opportunities to male and female workers, ensure healthy and well suited work environment.

We ensure that the businesses or artisans we chose to work with are well suited to meet the demand of the products or services that they promote through our platform.

We also work in rural areas of Pakistan to enable the potential artisans in those areas to learn new skills and develop better, marketable products. Once these artisans show their willingness to start selling with good quality products, then we start promoting them too.


Hunarmund Corporate Governance

We believe in providing the best quality services and products under ethical principles that benefit all stakeholders of our society and community. We ensure best practices of business in order to serve our customers, suppliers, executives, employees, clients, government, and all other Hunarmund stakeholders. We adhere to business ethics because we strongly believe that procedures and standardized processes can help improve the health of the company and also give the opportunity to all of its stakeholders to grow with us.

We have a system of rules, practices and processes by which Hunarmund is directed and controlled. We essentially work towards maintaining balance in the interests of our company and its stakeholders such as customers, government, clients, and community in which we operate or is otherwise affected by.

Our framework is designed to attain and accomplish Hunarmund’s objectives. Furthermore we strive to a have a high level of Corporate governance by not only focusing on being a profitable company but to also demonstrate good corporate citizenship through environmental awareness, ethical behavior, and sound corporate governance practices. We also believe that good corporate governance creates a transparent set of rules and controls.

Investment Transparency

Hunarmund is prone to receive investments in various different sectors of the organization, we ensure to keep all transactions of the investments transparent by releasing and sharing reports to the investor so that they can trace where their money was utilized and what was the outcome. The outcome is highlighted in the reports for the purpose of evaluation in order to be able to use the key learnings for reallocation of funds into more profitable areas.

The investment can be in terms of directly augmenting the business of Hunarmund or any of its stakeholders separately such as the vendors, artisans and other skilled workers Hunarmund has. The investor has the free choice to invest in any kind or particular project with Hunarmund or to help a particular vendor/artisan specifically to help increase and contribute in their income generation.

The reports comprises of inputs and outcomes of the budget allocated and the impact that it has created in the community segment. IT will also contain graphical representations to indicate figures of results with screenshots and evidence of expenditure.

Corporate Tax

We believe in the vision of Pakistan Government and State of Naya Pakistan and the rule of law and economic justice – the first welfare state in the history of humankind. We encourage our stakeholders from the business community to become active tax payers to be able to benefit from this opportunity and create awareness amongst the nation. We majorly cover the areas of providing assistance and tax services related to individual, Association of Persons, Partnership deeds, Sole Proprietorship and Private Limited Companies.

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