Hunar se Rung Dou Neero

WWF has taken an initiative, first of its kind in Pakistan, where Indigo farms are being cultivated once again in Sindh, engaging the local communities of Keenjhar Lake and Chotiari Reservoir to start Indigo cultivation, once again after 35 years. Hunarmund is taking it forward in collaboration with WWF to train the skilled Indigo farmers how to effectively market their product.

As a second phase of Rung Dou Neero, artisans were given development training for creating a value chain for Indigo in Pakistan. For that 4 sites, where Indigo plantation is happening, craft centers were developed and each craft center had trained at least 10 artisans for using Indigo dye and develop marketable products.

The craft centers were developed in the remote areas of Sindh including, Keenjhar; Thatta District, Choondiko; Khairpur and Chotiari; Sanghar District. At least 10 women artisans were trained for using Indigo dye and develop finished marketable products. The craft center manager was trained to also develop the craft center e-Shop on Hunarmund’s e-commerce marketplace and promote their skkills and community products using Hunarmund, remotely. The craft center manager was also trained for Supply Chain Management and overall keeping track of overall craft center day-to-day accounts. They were told how to do business professionally and the importance of business agreement to ensure ethical business practices. An enterprise model was developed in these 3 districts and exposed the trainees to best business practices.

In Sehwan; Manchar District, 10 women were trained for stitching and accurate measurements to ensure good standard quality marketable products. These women were also trained for doing business and how to ensure the costing of a product is effectively accounted for so that picing could be done for the products.

These craft centers, trained women and their communities are supplying their products to the rest of the world using Hunarmund online platform.

View the e-Shops here: Nara – Keenjhar –

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