Challenges for Artisans of Pakistan

With the growing and worsening adverse conditions of remote rural areas of Pakistan that are in the course of floods and heavy rainfall, the Artisans community of Pakistan is currently facing challenges not only related to food shortages, but also healthcare and disconnect through road transits. Some of the homes have been swept away in floods, and some houses have been partially or completely damages due to heavy rainfall.

Houses in rural areas are not built the same way construction is done in urban cities. They are a lot weaker, and usually constructed with a mixture of clay and mud. It can take alot of time just to assess the magnitude of losses, but considering their living conditions were not ideal before either, it will take a longer time to recover and rehabilitate. Medical assistance, healthcare, education and transit trade has come to a complete standstill. The farming has also been affected, which can also have an affect on urban locations and the entire country at large. The sooner they can recover, and are assisted to fulfill their needs, the sooner they will revive and can restore their way of life and doing business for income generation.

Hunarmund team is working on assisting the artisans communities living in rural areas. If you are open to contribute a portion of your assistance, please contact us via or simply donate at Easy Paisa A/c: 03418652669 | EasyPaisa A/c name: Sohaib. Once you have transferred your donation, please fill out the quick form so that we can keep track of our donors. We assure to all our donors that their contact details will be kept confidential.

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