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Lime Green Block Print Shirt Fabric


This fabric is of cotton material and it’s length is 2.5m and its width is approximately 1m, making it perfect to be used for making a shirt. The colors used to make this block print includes silver and gold. This block print fabric has been prepared by a group of home-based urban female entreprenuers who are block print experts. These block printers are being empowered by Blocked-Off in collaboration with Hunarmund to prepare innovative and trending block print fabrics. This is enabling the block printers to grasp new design techniques using a variety of wooden block stamp combinations.

Note: Since it’s block print, to ensure you get minimum color fading, use as less perfume on your shirt and especially the armhole area.

*Please note that there may be some difference in color due to lighting and screen settings.


block print
limegreen handmade block print fabric – Front side of shirt
limegreen handmade block print fabric – Back side of shirt

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