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Organic Dye Block Print Fabric – Style up in East

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Organic Dye Block Print Fabric – Kashi in Style


Use this hand-dyed block printed cotton fabric to make a beautiful, light-colored, summery looking dress.
Our block printing artisans provide year-round work to generate an income for a dcent living, so many young adults choose to carry on the craft tradition in family businesses after finishing their schooling.

The design printed on this fabric is called Kashi which has great historical importance. There is plenty of confusion around the origin of the word ‘Kashi’. It could have possibly been derived from the Persian word ‘Kashi’, meaning ‘tile’, or its name may have been derived from the town Kashan in central Iran, which is notable for its decorative tile work. And since Persian art was influenced by Chinese art centuries back, ‘Kashi’ may have borrowed its name from Kashghar in China. It could also be a blend of all these influences that has evolved into what we know today as Kashi.

  • Hand-dyed block printed fabric
  • Organic Dye
  • The stole is 2.5m long
  • Cold wash, line dry, warm iron from the backside
  • Handmade in Pakistan


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